Ryding deflated after first run in Schladming

David Ryding felt he had let himself down after the first run of the World Championship Slalom in Schladming. While he came down into the finish in 30th spot, he explained afterwards that he knew that at this level there were a lot of racers, he felt, who could beat the time that he had posted.  With the top thirty going in reverse order on the second run and the remaining 30 going in time order, this would have been a fantastic opportunity for Ryding to have put himself in the public eye again, as well as getting a great result.

“I gave the hill too much respect,” rued Ryding on the way out of the finish area. This was the first time that Ryding had skied the hill, he has never done the World Cup here, but he felt that this was not a reason for him having given the hill too much respect. “It happens quite a lot when racing slalom that you turn up to race at a hill that you have never raced at before,” he continued.

Ryding is 26 and has not been racing or skiing as long as many of his rivals yet is very hard on himself. He wants to get better, he knows he is good enough to make the World Cup top thirty on a regular basis and it is the way he drives himself to get better that makes the man from Pendle such a strong performer. Driven, determined and focused is what he is – he is a great role model for the young racers coming through.

Ryding did not last long in 30th place. Dalibor Samsal, the next racer, bettered his time and by the time the last man down, Conor Lyne from Ireland had ended his run (a DNF), Ryding was in 34th spot. A top thirty position had been the goal and sadly he had not made it. the signs are encouraging and with no pressure on him for the second run Ryding will be able to attack with no pressure on him.