BSS Update

BSS Alpine Update Feb 2013 Alpine Discipline Committee

The Alpine Committee (jurisdiction covering performance programmes and competitions for alpine, speed skiing and telemark) is Chaired by Alpine Director Konrad Bartelski and has membership of elected athlete reps, discipline reps, HN reps, TD Rep and is supported by BSS Performance staff. This group reports to the BSS Board through the Alpine Director and meets on a two monthly basis. Full details of the committee members and its remit are available on the BSS website.

BSS Performance Staff

In addition to the coaching staff employed to deliver the performance programmes of BSS Alpine Team, BSS Alpine employs two key members of staff.
Paddy Mortimer, Performance Director – Paddy works full time for BSS across all sport disciplines. NB A significant amount of Paddy’s time will be spend supporting the programme delivery of UK Sport Funded Programmes of Freestyle and Snowboard ensuring the delivery of World Class results at the highest levels.
Sean Langmuir, Alpine Performance Manager – Sean is contracted to work 180 days a year in a shared role for BSS Alpine as Performance Manager and Head Coach for the U16 and U14 Teams.

Alpine Resources & Allocation of Funding

With the lack of funding available to deliver an effective programme across alpine disciplines, it has been necessary to make some difficult decisions about how and what programmes can be funded. The most significant of these decisions is to spend the limited resources available on funding the technical programmes only (Slalom and GS).

Performance Update

Results and Pathway

Ultimately BSS success will be measured on two factors. Firstly our current athletes’ performances, and secondly our pathway plan to achieve Olympic medals.

On the athlete results front, there are good signs. Some of the athlete highlights so far this season are:

  • ï‚·  WC points in male and female (Dave Ryding and Chemmy Alcott)
  • ï‚·  EC Podiums (Dave Ryding)
  • ï‚·  EC Downhill (TJ Baldwin 11th career best performance)
  • ï‚·  3 junior athletes currently ranked in the top 5 in the world (Billy Major, Darcie Mead, and Jack Gower)
  • ï‚·  First U16 FIS international race win in 15 years (Rob Poth Czech Republic)

    Athlete performances are clearly visible on the new BSS Athlete Tracker.

    BSS have been told that there will be no funding from UK Sport and other sources until we can convince them that our pathway is credible. The Athlete Tracker shows the BSS Performance Pathway from 16 years of age to world- class level. The BSS selection levels on the Athlete Tracker have stood up to initial scrutiny.

    One thing in life is certain, if we carry on doing what we have done for the past 15 years then we will continue to gain the same results. If we have aspirations to change, achieving consistent World Class results, then we need to consider a different approach. The BSS selection levels demonstrate the minimum levels required to be credible.

    There is a BSS Tracker Guide available. See the Men’s slalom example below from 7th FIS list 2013.

    World Championships, World Junior Championships and European Youth Olympic Winter Festival Selections

    BSS has selected the following athletes to these major championships, adopting the principle of selecting athletes who show potential for credible performances at major competition.

  • ï‚·  Chemmy Alcott (World Championships)
  • ï‚·  Dave Ryding (World Championships)
  • ï‚·  Darcie Mead (European Youth Olympic Winter Festival)
  • ï‚·  Laurie Taylor (European Youth Olympic Winter Festival)
  • ï‚·  Max Baggio (European Youth Olympic Winter Festival)
  • ï‚·  Billy Major (European Youth Olympic Winter Festival)
  • ï‚·  Charlie Raposo (European Youth Olympic Winter Festival)
  • ï‚·  Roy Steudle (World Juniors)
  • ï‚·  Jack Gower (World Juniors)

    Note: There were one or two athletes who declined selection due to not being available.

    What have BSS introduced this season?

    Some of the initiatives that have been recently made in Alpine are as follows:

  • ï‚·  Creating a BSS Alpine Base (Joint venture with the Dutch)
  • ï‚·  Physiotherapy – full time support from Danielle Yarwood
  • ï‚·  Strength and Conditioning and programme support. This has worked

    well for the woman’s squad.

  • ï‚·  Leasing new reliable vehicles (out with the old and in with the new)
  • ï‚·  Ernst and Young sponsoring an U16 team van (Merc long wheel base


  • ï‚·  Athlete Tracker guiding selection for National and HNGB Teams (All

    HNGBs have agreed to use the BSS Athlete Tracker for their selection


  • Current development and training focus for the U16 team (Athletic Capacity)

    Challenges Ahead

    Building a credible Alpine Performance Pathway. The BOA, Sports Institutes and UK Sport all require BSS to have a credible Alpine performance pathways. The technically complex but visually simple Athlete Tracker illustrates where the athletes are in relation to the best in the world for each age year. The tools are essential to both the BOA and the Scottish Sports Institute for determining their involvement with the Alpine sector.

    In addition, especially with the current financial climate, the BSS programmes must be executed cost effectively and with improved performance, and this will challenge some of the existing cultures in the UK. In conjunction with the private training groups, the top athletes within these programmes should have access to coaching in all areas of their development, beyond their ski training programmes.

    The ultimate aim is to deliver world-class results on a long term basis.

    Kind regards,
    BSS Alpine Discipline Committee and the Performance Team