Mystery surrounds cause of injury to Alcott

There was one notable absentee from the start list for British ski racing fans in the Super Combined. Having crashed in the first training run for the downhill, Chemmy Alcott did not take part in the second training run and it was decided after discussing with the Canadian Team coaches that she would not race in the Super Combined to try and give her injury more time to heal in preparation for the Downhill on Sunday.

Talking after the team captains meeting on Friday night, Canadian Team Head Coach Hugues Ansermoz, explained that it was a mystery what was causing the problem to Britain’s number 1 female skier. “The problem is that from the beginning after the medical exam, it looks like nothing was broken but she cannot put any weight on it. They are going back to see the doctor today to see if there is anything that can be done to ease the pressure. It is still a mystery as to why she is in so much pain. It is more the ankle rather than the leg.”

Such is the popularity of Chemmy, a lot of people are wanting to talk to her but Ansermoz explained that as she herself does not know what the injury is, she “does not want to talk that much and is feeling a little frustrated. Hopefully we will know tonight but we are taking it day by day.”

Chemmy has the opportunity to be kept on the start list due to being the only British girl to have qualified for the speed races. “There is nothing medically that says for sure she is out,” explained Ansermoz, “it is difficult for her at the moment. There is no diagnosis yet, it is too early to do a scan.”

Ask any racer about the frustration of being injured and being injured is the most annoying thing. The body can be cajoled into getting better through physiotherapy and medication but there are times when it will just not do what the medical people try to get it to do. Chemmy explained after the Super G that she was struggling with the injury and that it was always going to be a race against the clock and a battle against the pain. It is this fight that demonstrates the determination she has to continue and keep fighting.  There is a saying that you are a long time retired and it is for sure that Alcott’s head is definitely not ready to take that step yet. She will keep fighting.

Late on Friday night Chemmy posted the following on Facebook: “I really didn’t want to write this update but there is no hiding from it anymore. I will not be able to compete in Sunday’s World Championship DH – the event i have been looking forward to for months. 2 days ago in training i hit the nets at just over 100kph and cartwheeled. In doing so I have caused excessive stress in the plated fracture in my right leg. I have been recommended by Dr Fink, the guru of Austrian medical practitioners, to rest for a few weeks. This is by no means the end, I have shown my strength before – yes, the timing blows but better now than in a year! On a positive note the big jolt to my leg may help the old injured to further heal so i am likely to come back stronger. Thanks to all my fabulous Canadian Team staff and teammates for the incredible support – see you soon x”

We look forward to seeing you back soon!