Falken tyres – bringing you confidently and safely around the mountains

With the amount of miles that we drive attending races in the mountains during the winter, the one thing we look for when sorting out winter tyres is safety. This winter we have already driven over 7500 miles covering races. In this time we have spent time on numerous types of roads and am delighted to give the feedback that the Falken tyres we are using are great! Whether we have been driving up snow covered mountain passes (from Val Gardena to Alta Badia for instance or over the St Anton pass) or along the snow covered motorways (coming back from Schladming to Alpbach) the tyres have given a feeling of confidence and security.

Over the many years that Racer Ready has been covering winter sport in the Alps, the need for reliable and safe tyres has always been paramount: If you do not feel safe with the tyres you have, then you are not going to get to your destination! The Falken tyres we have this year have by far been the best in terms of security, safety and confidence when driving. A few weeks ago they enhanced their already impressive (to me at least) reputation when after the race meeting at the Welsh Championships, the road back up to Les Crosets was littered with cars putting on chains. With the Falkens we drove up in the firm belief and knowledge that we would not be suffering the same cold fate as other drivers.

Be safe when driving on the snow and in the cold conditions and if you have not yet got snow tyres on you car for trips around Europe (or even in the UK), then see your local stockist and get some Falken tyres – they are really worth it!

We have been using the HS449 tyres, size 215/65/16