BASI gap/fast track ski instructor programme (10 week course)

Many want to know the best way to become a ski instructor but most people simply don’t know how to or think it is out of reach because they believe they are not good enough. skivo2 have developed a product to allow those wanting to take a ski gap year, a career break or simply a training course for BASI exams. Our programme is a fast paced 10 week course allowing you to train with BASI examiners and BASI ISTD Level 4 Instructors.

skivo2 has been offering the fast track ski instructor training course for those wanting to qualify in the BASI system for some time and wth great success. We are proud to say we are now official BASI partners. We achieved a 100% pass rate in 2011/12 and we intend to keep these high standards moving forward!

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