Mini racers benefit from exciting races in Les Houches

There is one thing that racers of all ages want to do and that is have fun. The programme of racing for the Mini’s that was set out for the BSA / Anglo Scottish races was exciting for the next generation of racers, their parents and also showed just what can be achieved. First up was the traditional Giant Slalom set out over three runs. The short course was great and the set up allowed for a fast turn around for the racers. Following the traditional Giant Slalom, the next day the racers moved over to the same hill the older racers had done the slalom on, Grande Bois. this race was followed by a race with the parents. Rather than just have one race of maybe two runs over the course of the week, the future stars of the racing world were then given a challenge to qualify for a race down the same GS course that their older siblings would do the following day. This proved to be a great idea and hugely popular with the youngsters. The racers were given the opportunity to race in the dreaded catsuit and while not all took the opportunity, it was fantastic to see the future stars racing down in suits. Smiles? There were plenty from the racers and their parents! No doubt there are loads of people who will not like to hear all this news but hey, who is the racing put on for? The kids, their parents or for a group of people that rarely venture out to the races (bar maybe one or two)?

This was racing with smiles, racing that WILL encourage the racers and their parents to come out to the races again. This was what racing should be about: FUN.

Olivia Mitchell won the opening GS race from Sarah Woodward and Olivia Foster. In the boys race Charles Rankin won from Owen Vinter with Jake Doyle in third.

In the second race there was a win for Sarah Woodward, Olivia Mitchell took second and Olivia Foster third again. Shona Rankin took her second fourth overall place despite being in the younger age group! In the boys race it was a reversal of positions for Owen Vinter and Charles Rankin as Vinter won. Jake Doyle took third again. Sebastian Avent won the younger age group again.

In the race on the full length GS course against the older racers, Owen Vinter took top spot ahead of Charles Rankin with Olivia Mitchell in third overall and fastest girl.

Race 1 results

Race 2 results

Race 3 results

Parents results