Lee and Poth win Anglo Scottish Slalom in Les Houches

After dominating the first race, Megan Jenkins and Robert Poth did not quite have it their own way on the second day of racing in the Anglo Scottish Slalom. Francesca Lee has threatened for a long time to put in a race winning performance and this was the race that she delivered it. Jenkins won the first run from Lee and then had problems on the second run that saw her drop down the results for the run, allowing Lee to profit overall. Jenkins held on to take second overall ahead of Issy Kirk. Anna Henderson put her spate of Did Not Finishes to bed with a victory in the second run. Robert Poth also made it three race wins in a row but then an inspired Euan Kick bettered his time in the second run. Kick had skied out on the first run so Poth still held on comfortably for the race win ahead Fraser Buchan and Zak Vinter.

Fraser Buchan gave Poth a challenge on the first run as both Kick and Fellows crashed out but he was unable to follow this up on the second run but still held on for second place Overall in the race. It was on the second run that Poth was challenged as Euan Kick attacked heavily. Kick had nothing to lose having crashed out on the first run across the flats. With no pressure on him, he put his all on the line and edged out Poth by almost two tenths. Kick needs to ski like this more often as it will push both himself and give Poth the challenge he needs. Fellows took third on the run just ahead of Vinter. With Kick and Poth putting in exceptional runs, the rest now need to raise their game to challenge the two.

in the younger age group Angus Wills won both runs to win the age group as well as place high up in the overall standings, 6th equal. This was a promising performance by the young racer from the British Ski Academy. After his great first run in the previous race, Kristofer Berglindarson was unable to repeat it but still placed second and third in the two runs to place second overall. If the young racer can focus on his skiing more, then he has great potential. Dewar Wright took third in the first run and Mathieu Avent second on the second run with Lyle Ross emerging from the pack to take third place overall.

In the girls race, Jenkins’s winning run came to an end on the second run. Having been forced to take a rerun after some course repair took longer than anticipated, Jenkins’s second run was not to her high standards but she still managed to grab second place in the overall race behind Francesca Lee. Lee is one of a growing number of racers that is sometimes off the radar but is quietly going about her business and is getting better and better each year. Training with the Scottish team set up, Lee is benefitting from great coaching and her own determination and is making small steps and this was a significant step as she won the overall race through consistency. Anna Henderson won the second run after making three huge errors that had seen her ski out on all three runs prior to the last slalom run of the races. With no pressure on her for the Overall, Henderson was able to show just how good she can be as she won the run by albeit by only seven hundredths from Lee with Issy Kirk close by in third and Lucinda Dilworth just edging out Jazmine Butcher in a close run race.

Alicja Krahelski won both runs in the Under 14 age group to win overall and place tenth overall – very commendable in a quality field. Alexandra Lillywhite took second with Isabella Hoskins in third. Isabella Colley and Ella Ward took second and third on the second race but could not overhaul Lillywhite and Hoskins from the first run. Ward finished fourth and Colley fifth in the overall standings.

And then it was on to the Giant Slalom….

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