Butcher makes it two from two and Poth completes the clean sweep

Jazmine Butcher produced another fine perfomance to make it two wins in the Giant Slalom from the two races down the Col de Voza in Les Houches. Butcher won both runs to add to her growing reputation and give the watching British Children’s Team selectors something to consider. Megan Jenkins took second overall with Erika Heginbotham taking third overall to give the British Ski Academy a clean sweep of the overall podium and down to seventh place in the girls race. In the boys race, Robert Poth from the Telford Club completed his own clean sweep in winning his fourth race in a row. Fraser Buchan took second again and Lachlan Veitch made it on to the Overall podium for the first time during the combined Anglo Scottish / British Ski Academy Championships joint with Euan Kick.

Robert Poth was the outstanding racer in the boys races during these races and four wins out of four was nothing short of what was expected and this was what he delivered. The bar has been raised and the rest of the field now has to match what Poth is producing. While Fraser Buchan was the best of the rest, he was some distance back on the Englishman. Veitch and Kick also have much to do to catch up with the fast Poth. Kick was the only male racer to post a time faster than Poth could manage in the second slalom but one run does not make a season and he knows that Poth is the class act of the year at the moment. As the racers packed up their kit and headed back to the hotels and then home, there was much contemplating and thought for the racers to do in how they could catch up the Telford racer.

In the younger age group, Mathieu Avent and Angus Wills were the class acts, placing 8 and 9 overall with Toby Deighton in third (11th overall) in the age group. Tom Chambet from the Scottish Ski Club, and from the younger year group, placed a very encouraging fourth in the age group and 14th overall.

Butcher produced the two best runs and gave her long time friend and near neighbour, Megan Jenkins a lesson in Giant Slalom racing in winning both runs. The British Ski Academy dominated the results in the Under 16 girls as they took the first seven spots: Butcher, Jenkins, Heginbotham, Guest, Legeais, Manson and Anderson. Talent has depth in this age group at the BSA! Anna Henderson almost managed to win the second run but was a mere nine hundredths back from Butcher.

The younger age group was won by Isabella Colley from Alexandra Colley and Alicja Krahelski in third. Ella Ward produced a stunning second run to win the age group in the second run ahead of Lillywhite and Colley and her younger sister, Olivia, in fourth.