BSA & Anglo Scottish Combine to bring great racing for FIS, Children and Bairns (mini’s)

The result of bringing the Anglo Scottish Championships together with the British Ski Academy Grand Prix was satisfied racers, happy faces and some great races. the innovations for the Bairns races may not have appeased the apparatchiks that sit on committees but the if they could have seen the smiles on the faces of the athletes, then this justifies the decisions made. The slopes used for the racing were great, the course crews kept the slopes in great nick and the smiles kept coming from all. But what happened in the racing? Who enhanced their reputations and who needs to raise their game….

U16 & U14 racing

BSA Grand Prix Slalom 1 – Jenkins, Kirk and Anderson podium overall in the girls while Lee also impresses. Poth, Kick and Vinter podium in the boys Overall while Berglindarson gives older boys notice of intent in the younger age group. (More)

Anglo Scottish Slalom 2 – Lee and Henderson raise their game while Jenkins suffers mishap; Krahelski wins U14 again. Poth wins Overall but Kick edges him in second run; Fraser Buchan and Zak Vinter podium while Angus Wills takes U14 age group (More)

BSA Grand Prix Giant Slalom 1 – Sun shines on the racing! Great slope…. More great race organisation! But who won? (more)

Anglo Scottish Giant Slalom 2 – Butcher makes it two from two and Poth completes the clean sweep! (More)

Bairns races – Mini racing benefits from exciting programme in Les Houches (More)


FIS races

Night Slalom 1 –

Night Slalom 2 –

Giant Slalom 1 –

Giant slalom 2 –


Thoughts from a bystander –


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