Thomsen and Clarey post new record speeds in Wengen

Christof Innerhofer may have won the race but first Ben Thomsen and then Johan Clarey posted new fastest speeds on a downhill course.  First it was Canadian Ben Thomsen and then France’s Johan Clarey went faster as the record for the fastest record speed in a downhill tumbled. Both racers use Head skis and while they were proud of their achievements, both felt a little frustrated that the time in the finish was not faster

Thomsen was a shade under 160kmh (159.8) and felt proud to have taken the record. While he did not hold it for long as Clarey went even faster (161.9kmh) on his way to 5th place in the race. This equates to just over 100 miles an hour but do not tell the Police!

After the race Rainer Salzgeber, Race Manager for Head, reflected on the record and while he was proud that it had been achieved on his brand of skis, he acknowledged the work that Clarey had put in during time in the wind tunnel in perfecting his aerodynamic position. “The ski needs to be fast but the position of the racer needs to be perfect,” explained Salzgeber, “otherwise you cannot go so fast. The ski is one part and the racer is the other. It is nice to have a record like this but on the other hand how is the time in the finish!”

For Clarey he felt that “it is a good feeling” to now be the fastest man on skis. “I feel that I can hold the record for a while now,” he added afterwards, “as it is very fast.” Asked what the key to being so fast and if he had felt the speed, Clarey replied, “I did not feel it, I felt fast but not as fast as in the training. It is a good thing but only a little thing in the race but a good thing! There is not much between 155 and 161!”

Click here to watch Clarey’s run