Essential Travel Reveal The Top 10 Winter Snow Socks and Chains Available in the UK

If you are driving to a ski resort this winter, or even coping with the UK’s unpredictable weather, snow chains or snow socks can help you stay safe on your journey. As part of a winter Drive Safe campaign Essential Travel rounds up the best on the market and looks at which ones are more appropriate for you.
And Essential Travel’s Top Ten Snow Socks and Snow Chains are:

Snow Socks

1. Snow Socks
2. Snow Chains & Socks
3.Rock Shore Snow Socks
4. The Roof Box Company Snow Socks
5. Snow Socks

Snow Chains

1. Top Gear Snow Chains
2. Snow Chains and Roofbars Snow Chains
3. Brindley Chains Snow Chains
4.  Auto Warehouse Snow Chains
5. Ski Drive Snow Chains

Snow Chains:

  • If you’re planning on driving around Europe this winter, snow chains are compulsory on most alpine roads.
  • Choose snow chains if driving on hard, compacted snow, with ruts and ridges
  • Snow chains help vehicles navigate during snowy or icy conditions by increasing traction, which prevents skids. The chains, which are made from heavy steel links are better than snow tyres and more appropriate for heavy snow over long periods of time

Snow Socks:

  • if you’re staying in the UK then you can most definitely get away with snow socks
  • Choose snow socks if driving on slush, new snow and occasional short stretches of tarmac

Both serve a different purpose and if you can afford it, get both.

You can read more about why these have been chosen as our top ten at: Top 10 Winter Snow Chains, part of the Essential Travel Drive Safe campaign where you can also find:

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