Ryding continues the upward trend with 4th in Pozza Night Slalom

If Obereggen showed just what could be done, then Pozza Ryding demonstrated that there is still so much more to come from the Number 1 Slalom Skier in Britain at the moment. Dave Ryding took a very creditable 4th place in the second of two high quality Slaloms.  While the race was won by World Cup Slalom racer Mathias Hargin from Sweden, Ryding acquitted himself very well to take the best placed result of his Europa Cup career and earn some great points in the race for the Europa Cup tour title. Having dropped out of the top fifteen starters after the Levi rounds, Ryding faught his way back in after the Obereggen race and this fourth place moves him in the right direction to stay in the top fifteen and get a better start number.

With the rising Austrian star, Manuel Feller, behind him in fifth, Ryding has put in another promising performance. While it is not a FIS point scoring result for him, the points gained in the race for the Europa Cup title are just as valuable as it will give him the chance to get an earlier start in the next races. Ryding will start in the group from 8 – 15 such is how the draw is made.

Race Result