Frustration for GB viewers wanting to watch Chemmy Alcott on Eurosport

When you are so close to seeing the one racer your nation has in the race and the only broadcaster showing the race decides that the time is up, the frustration is there. You had to feel for Eurosport Commentator, Matt Chilton, covering the second World Cup Downhill in Lake Louise when this scenario played out on Saturday night. Matt Chilton had to explain to those watching that they would be going to a commercial break and then they would be watching a repeat of race winner, Lindsey Vonn’s winning run. Those watching the times being relayed on the FIS live timing, knew that she was on course and Eurosport were showing a repeat of the winning run from Lindsey Vonn. Two minutes more

For a sport that needs to grow a new generation of fans, to see Chemmy Alcott competing on the television would have won over many not sure what all this ski racing is about. It is not just the fans that need the fix that coverage brings but Alcott’s sponsors would definitely have appreciated the exposure. The likes of Monarch Airline (her helmet sponsor), Colmar (her race suit provider), Atomic (her ski providers) and all the rest of the kit suppliers that support her. This short moment of exposure would have helped draw in more people to the sport.

If sponsors can get the TV exposure, then this helps bring more sponsors into the fold and this all helps with the funding of the British Team. At the moment Chemmy Alcott is doing her programme out of her own fund raising.

If you are one of the “Royally pissed off fans” that would have liked to see Britain’s number 1 on the Women’s World Cup, then send an email to and explain how important it is …

It is not often we have great news to crow about in British skiing, so lets be proud and support our racers! We need the coverage!

To read Eurosport’s response…