Ryding looks back on a successful 24 hours in Levi

The morning after the day before. Dave Ryding talks about his exploits in Levi exclusively to Racer Ready

It is another step up that ladder you were talking about in Zagreb in January; talk us through your feelings about it all?

Before I started we talked about it all and I knew that I was skiing well and would just have to give it a go. I just went for it on the first run. I knew that I would be fast at the top if I skied it well and I was. I then got to the pitch and thought this is going pretty good so I managed to keep it going through to the finish. When I went through the finish I looked up and saw 24th – this was a pretty awesome feeling.

Going through for the second run there were a couple of big names around you on the start list? Ted Ligety was starting right behind Dave.

Yeah. I did not really look who was around me; I had a look to see where I was going and whom I was following. I was after the young Norwegian Henrik Kristofferson and I have done that before, so it was not too big a thing. I did not even realise that Ligety was starting behind me. It was a case of trying to keep my head on the skiing rather than the whole situation.

That was the first time you have been up at the start for the second run. Was that an awe inspiring feeling or was it a case of I have to get the job done?

There was definitely a feeling of this is cool as there was only thirty guys inspecting. It was really eerie quiet on the course, the first run it was very hustle and bustle. It was hard to look where you are going. I knew though that I was only half way to getting to the finish. I had to try and make sure that I was not taken away by the whole experience of it all. But it was cool though.

Was there a lot of reaction from the top guys to you being in the second run flip? Did many come up and congratulate you?

Yeah many did. You go back into the room after the run and most of the guys are in there, they were all saying well done. I have trained with most of them before so it was nice when the top guys come up and say well done.

Talk us through the second run.

I tried to give it everything I had at the top again. I was a little bit stiff at the top, not quite full on the gas but then I got to the pitch and I thought ‘yeah, I kinda want to get to that finish line,’ but things went wrong pretty quickly as I made a little mistake at the top of the pitch. I thought ‘woo’ so I took a rounder line and I got down there and it was a respectable time. I could definitely have gone faster but it was more of a case I will take these points when I have got a chance.

And when you came through the finish, your face said it all I think?

I have always thought of doing something when I came through but it was more of a relief I think on that second run. On the first run I was a bit pumping and that.

You are now staying up in Levi for two weeks training. Will you also do some races while you are up there?

There are two Europa Cup races the last two days we are here. Then we head back to central Europe and then hit December, this is always a busy month for us. Hopefully I can do well in the Europa Cups as well but they will not be easy. There are a lot of the guys who were in the top thirty in the World Cup who will race in that as well.

You will start in the top 15 for the Europa Cup?

I will for the first race. Hopefully I will hit the ball running and then stay in there. I know that I can do it now so just got to carry on.

Will you be home for Christmas?

Yes we get a little break for Christmas to catch up with the family and that. Then it will be straight back out. Already on January 3rd we have two more Europa Cup Slalom’s and then it is Zagreb and Adelboden for the World Cup. It never stops till the end!

Have you been surprised by the reaction across the social networks to yesterday?

Yes. Its crazy really so many people took notice. Before the first run I was thinking that it would be great to the Brits back at home something to watch, try and stick it in there for everyone. It was a lot for family at home. Finally I can show them something on TV and they can enjoy their Sunday afternoon.

Congratulations and it was fantastic to watch great to see the whole of the country getting behind you.

It was awesome to see the reaction from everyone on Facebook and that.

And the girlfriend was delighted as well?
Yes she was on the phone to Mum and Dad and was probably more nervous than I was.

Would be great to thank all the people back at home for the support and hopefully sooner rather than later I can do it all again. I have got to keep working. It will still be hard with the number I will have in the next world cup. I have to keep trying to get better points as that was the plan for this year. I have to get the Europa Cups in and try and lower the points. If I can start in the 40’s then I have more of chance and then keep making it a common occurrence. Until then I have to keep charging and trying to do it every time.

It must be nice to look at the World Cup start list this morning and see a certain B Miller below you on the WCSL Start List?

Yeah but he has not got his slalom boots for the time being anyway! It is nice but I try and look at those people above me and try and chip away at those ones.


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